Tips for Keeping Your Wedding Costs Down

First you must establish your Priorities, decide on what type of wedding you want – then set your budget and stick to it!  One of the biggest mistakes you can make is booking and paying for supplies or vendors before you know how much you’ve got to spend.

Make a savings plan – add the amounts from family contributions (if any) to your savings and also what you intend to save before the wedding – once this is firmed up you will know exactly what you have to spend.

Things to consider when trying to save money – Wedding Invitations – have you considered the online invitation options?  These can be so creative with minimal cost involved. Wedding Favours – why not have family/friends get together and make your own, wedding guests will love this – especially if they are edible.  Flowers – if you are set on going with Fresh Flowers make sure you choose the “in season” variety. Choose an off-peak wedding day or time –have you ever considered having a Brunch Wedding, who doesn’t love a great Brunch!  Try and work with your venue to allow you to make your own table decorations and/or menus? Can you borrow any items from family & friends? – they will love to be asked and it will make them feel more involved.  Maybe a teenage relative or friend can help with organising  the Music at your reception? Got a friend with a really Cool Car – this could be your Limo.  Keep an eye out for the Wedding Dress Sample sales in your area – another great way to get a designer dress for half the price.  Ever thought about Hiring your wedding dress?  All great ideas to consider, hope this helps – even in a small way